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Hawkers Collective Webinar: The Road to Becoming a Hawker

Hawkers Collective had its first webinar on 17 September 2021 entitled The Road to Becoming a Hawker. This webinar was jointly organized by Hawker Collective and NTUC LearningHub to allow Aspiring Hawkers to have a better understanding of the Hawker Trade.

We specially invited 10 hawker mentors to sit on our panelists during the panel discussion.

During our panel discussion, we discussed and answered various questions relating to the hawker trade.

Qns 1: What were the main motivations behind our Hawker Mentors which drove them to enter into the hawker trade? How is life as a hawker?

Qns 2: Some advice that our Hawker mentors would give to the Aspiring Hawker who intend to enter into the hawker business. What are some misconceptions of the Hawker trade?

Qns 3: What are some of the challenges faced in the hawker business?

Qns 4: How did consumer habits and digitalization change the hawker business?

Qns 5: What is your view on the future of Hawker business in Singapore

We also shared some sales and earning simulations of being a hawker. These amounts are targets that each hawker/aspiring hawker should look at when opening their own hawker stall in order to stay profitable.

*Numbers are for simulation purposes for aspiring hawkers to get a better understanding of how revenue and expenses affect the profits.

Not sure how to start your own hawker business?

Contact us NOW and we will guide you through!

If you missed our webinar and would like to watch it, the link to the full webinar is here!


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