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Mr. Lim Yew Pui and his wife


Established since 1974, Western Barbeque was started by Mr. Lim Yew Pui and 2 of his friends at Old Airport Road Market. 

The idea of opening a western food stall was prompted by the law imposed by the government, of which all paddlers have to obtain a license and operate in the allocated hawker centres.

Business was slow initially as western food was unusual then and not many are willing to try. As such, both his friends decided to pull out from the business. With Mr. Lim's Perseverance and the help of his wife, the recipes were improved and the signature garlic sauce was invented. 

Finally in the late 1990s, business improved tremendously. Catching the eye of the media, the business continues to grow and with the recognition from the media, Western Barbeque has now become the most popular "old school" western stall at old airport road. 

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