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Hawkers Collective Webinar: The Road to Becoming a Hawker Part 2

Back by popular demand, Hawkers Collective will be hosting another webinar together with NTUC Learning Hub! This will be a continuation of our previous webinar "The Road to Becoming a Hawker".

During this webinar, we will be inviting our Aspiring Hawkers to share about their process of opening their first hawker stall with Hawkers Collective, the challenges they face, as well as the current situation in their business. They will also be sharing about some of the subsidies that they have gotten to aid them in opening up their stall! Do sign up if you are keen to hear more about this!

Join us in this webinar on:

Date: 24 June, Friday

Time: 3 - 4pm

Register here to secure your spot!

Read more about our past webinar here

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