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Abang Din, Datuk Of Riau Indonesia


Aspirasi Food Galore is the heart and soul of Mr. Zainnudin Sajat. Known affectionately by his customers and friends as Abang Din, he is the man with constant innovation and evolution of Aspirasi’s Malay Food recipes.

Abang Din’s has won numerous Reis mentions on TV, Radio, and printed press, and won many awards and competitions by food critics and public voters alike. As a passionate chef, he is often found on Facebook and Instagram Live, sharing new recipes and innovations.

Finally Abang Din believes in giving back to the community, through numerous donations and sponsorships to the Malay community, youth at risks, and even to the less privileged in the surrounding regions. He has recently been conferred the title of Datuk of Riau Indonesia for his contributions to both the Malay community and upholding Malay Food Culture. He is also the Bendahari of Warisan Hang Tuah Singapore.

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